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Board-certified Zionsville facial plastic surgeon discusses key areas to research when choosing the best rhinoplasty provider.

Dr. Emily Hrisomalos, a double board-certified Zionsville facial plastic surgeon, discusses key areas to research when selecting the best rhinoplasty surgeon.

Zionsville, IN — The nose is often considered a defining feature of the face. As a result, it can be quite common to have a desire to surgically change the shape and size of one’s nose via rhinoplasty. The results of a rhinoplasty can help improve facial symmetry and proportion, as well as improve breathing function in those whose underlying anatomy is causing obstructions. However, the surgical techniques involved in rhinoplasty can be exceedingly complex. For this reason, choosing a skilled and experienced surgeon is imperative to a safe, successful outcome. Below, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Zionsville, Dr. Emily Hrisomalos, offers advice regarding the qualities and factors to consider when selecting a plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty.

To begin, Dr. Hrisomalos advises that prospective surgeons should, at minimum, be board-certified by either the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS) or the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which indicates that the surgeon has displayed a high level of knowledge, skill, and commitment in the field of aesthetic and functional surgery. Generally, this information can be found in a surgeon’s biography on their website, along with further details about their educational and professional background. In many cases, it is also wise to seek out a surgeon who has extensive specialty training and knowledge of facial anatomy and structures.

One of the best ways to ascertain this is by selecting a surgeon who is specifically board-certified in facial plastic surgery through the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS). Facial plastic surgeons in particular have devoted their entire training, career, and expertise exclusively to surgery of the head and neck. They also have the unique ability to not only optimize the appearance of the nose, but can also improve breathing simultaneously due to their knowledge of functional nasal surgical procedures.

Dr. Hrisomalos notes that reviewing educational institutions, degrees, internships, residencies, and fellowships can provide valuable insights into the foundation of a surgeon’s career. She elaborates that thorough research into the surgeon’s experience, including how often they successfully perform rhinoplasty procedures, is beneficial to choosing the best provider. Furthermore, Dr. Hrisomalos recommends verifying the surgeon is proficient in advanced rhinoplasty techniques, and that all of their surgeries are performed at an accredited operating facility such as a surgery center or hospital. Additionally, surgeons who maintain active affiliation with professional organizations such as the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) are often equipped to deliver the highest caliber of results.

To better understand a surgeon’s aesthetic style, Dr. Hrisomalos recommends viewing a portfolio of before-and-after photos of previous rhinoplasty patients. She adds that looking at actual examples of cases performed by the surgeon can offer insight into the types of results a patient can expect to achieve. Dr. Hrisomalos continues that reading online patient reviews and testimonials of previous patients’ rhinoplasty experiences can offer a first-person account of the surgeon’s results, reputation, professionalism, and degree of patient satisfaction.

After completing preliminary research, Dr. Hrisomalos emphasizes the importance of scheduling a consultation with a prospective rhinoplasty surgeon. She explains that this one-on-one time offers the opportunity to get a sense of their communication style while asking specific questions, discussing individual goals for rhinoplasty, and learning more about the procedure—as well as the surgeon’s knowledge of advanced surgical techniques and safety methods. This allows patients to evaluate whether they feel comfortable and confident with a specific provider. Dr. Hrisomalos asserts the plastic surgeon should next provide a customized treatment plan unique to the patient that accounts for the concerns and goals expressed during the consultation, along with a detailed summary of estimated costs.

Ultimately, Dr. Hrisomalos believes that the relationship between the patient and their surgeon plays a key role in determining the quality of the final result. Doing diligent research into different providers ahead of time can help patients make a confident and informed decision.

About Emily Hrisomalos, MD
Dr. Emily Hrisomalos is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, sought out by patients from around the country for her expertise in rhinoplasty and facelift procedures. She received her medical degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine, followed by a residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Dr. Hrisomalos then completed a competitive facial plastic surgery fellowship with distinguished leaders in the field at the University of Miami through the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Hrisomalos utilizes her extensive training and experience along with compassion and empathy to bring facial plastic surgery patients beautiful, functional, and natural-looking results. Dr. Hrisomalos is available for interview upon request.

For more information, please visit dremilyhrisomalos.com or @dremilyhrisomalos on Instagram.


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